During the economic crisis, many pharmaceutical and research firms retrenched back to their core business. As they looked to focus more on drug or medical device development, many operations seen as peripheral were scaled back or outsourced to low cost centres. One component of the drug development process often scaled back was the regulatory and pharmacovigilance step. In many cases this step was outsourced to low-cost centres resulting in diminished writing quality standards.

Recognising a need to provide regulatory and pharmacovigilance writing services of the highest quality standards, quickly and with minimum operational overheads, Left Pen Medical Limited was formed in 2012.

As the firm grew and offered more diverse services, including scientific support and regulatory advice, the firm was rebranded as Effective Medical Limited.

Effective Medical now boasts customers from large pharmaceutical and biopharmaceuticals to small niche research firms operating throughout the three main regulated regions, the United States, Europe and Japan.